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Advantages of getting an IP broker

In 2019, it was announced that there is an official shortage of IPv4 addresses available. Because of this, companies all around the world are desperate to access to the IPv4 address space that they need. After the public announcement of the IPv4 shortage, a transfer market for IPv4 address space emerged. This market is quite competitive and if you want to enter it, you must know a good deal of knowledge about it, and there is a lot to know. 

Another consequence of the shortage is that the price for a single IPv4 has been rising since the market emerged. To be able to obtain IP addresses, especially if you need them in bulk, you need to find a pretty good deal, and follow all of the rules and regulations that was put in place by Regional Internet Registry (RIR). All of this might deter you from entering this market, but don’t let it! Luckily for you, there are IP brokers specialized in this field, so the best thing to do is to contact one to help you. Here are some advantages you’ll get when if you decide to contact an IP broker.

They already have a good network to work with

This might be one of the biggest advantages theft can offer you. If you want to sell IPv4 addresses, you probably will have to wait for a while for someone to come to you offering to buy your IPv4 address space.  IP brokers, however, already have an extensive network of people waiting to buy and sell IPv4 addresses. So instead of waiting until someone takes you up on your offer, you will just need to figure out what price you’ll be willing to sell your IPv4 for. 

You can avoid risks

IP brokers are supposed to be experts in their field, and they will know all the risks and how to avoid them. When it comes to shady buyers and sellers, the IP brokers knows how to conduct background checks to weed them out. They will also understand all the legalities around selling and buying IPv4s which is very important, you don’t want to get into any legal trouble.

You can learn about the market from a professional

The IPv4 market is not a simple market to get involved with easily. The rules and regulations are in place to avoid many risks that come along with buying and selling Internet Protocol addresses. To someone who isn’t a professional, it can get stressful, but an IP broker is experienced in this field. Getting an IP broker to help you figure the market out to make some sales or to buy, then you will also learn a lot from them. Then next time you want to buy or sell IPv4 addresses, you’ll be a little more experienced.