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Benefits Long Range RFID has for Private Property

Private properties, such as gated communities or company buildings, are private because the maintenance of security is highly regarded. Not anyone can simply come in and out of the property for more than a few reasons. One of the main ways private properties are protected from trespassers is by having entrance control for vehicles. Unfortunately, lots of the security methods used for vehicular entrance control are easily able to be bypassed or simply don’t work as well as they should.

As luck would have it, there is a great solution to this problem. That solution is the long range radio frequency identification, RFID for short. Here are the benefits the long range RFID can bring for private property.

It’s automated

One of the most impressive features of the long range RFID is that it’s completely automated. This makes sure that the entrance control is done with maximum efficiency and truly effective security. It’s quite difficult for an individual security guard to do vehicular entrance control in a more efficient way than the RFID, especially if there are other pressing responsibilities.

More efficient than other methods 

Due to long range RFID being automated, the granting of the entrance to people who are part of the private property is a lot more efficient. Instead of having to be checked out by a security guard or needing to first scan an entrance pass and then be granted access, the long range RFID can automatically sense who is permitted access. By using an RFID tag that’s attached to the permitted cars, the long range RFID reader that would be attached to the entrances of the private properties can read the tag and grant access to those vehicles. Those without the tags won’t get granted access that easily. 

Minimal vehicle congestion 

Thanks to the automatic entrance for the permitted vehicles, there won’t be a long line of traffic if there are a multitude of vehicles trying to enter the private property. Once the reader picks up on the identification of the vehicle, access will be granted immediately and no waiting lines will be needed.


The long range RFID is not a one size fits all. It’s a sophisticated technological system that can work perfectly one way for a gated community but needs to be different for a corporate office building. Nednap ID, a company providing long range RFID, also provides help to find the RFID that works for a specific location.