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Cold hands are in the past with heated gloves

Cold hands are in the past with heated gloves

If you often suffer from cold hands, or if you want to prevent cold hands during your winter activities heated gloves are the ideal solution for you! With the heated gloves and under gloves from Bertschat your hands will stay warm, even during the coldest months of the year! All Bertschat gloves have been fitted with touchscreen fabric. So whenever you want to use your phone you won’t have to take off your gloves. You won’t suffer from cold hands when answering a call.


Flexible and thin.

The thinnest heated gloves available are the under gloves. These gloves are so thin because they don’t have insulation. This is perfect for indoor use and when you step out you can wear your normal winter gloves over them. They are also perfectly suitable for wearing under your motorcycle gloves, or working gloves. The under gloves get their power from the batteries which are rechargable. You can charge the batteries with a USB charger or with a powerbank. The batteries are stored in a small pocket on the underside of the glove so you won’t have any limitations when it comes to moving your hands. The batteries are very light in terms of weight so it doesn’t affect flexibility while wearing the gloves. The heated under gloves are made from elastic materials which make them very comfortable to wear.


Perfect for winter sports.

The heated gloves are similar to normal (wintersporting), the only difference is that they have a heating element implemented into the glove. The gloves are great to use during winter sports when you’re skiing or snowboarding for example. Because the heated gloves are well insulated the heat can barely escape. This way your hands won’t only get warm, they stay warm. Just like the under gloves, the normal heated gloves get their power from batteries which you can charge using a USB charger. The presence of the USB charger allows the batteries to be charged not only via mains power but also, for example, via a powerbank or the USB port in your car. To make sure you always have warm hands it is possible to order an extra set of batteries. This way you can use a set while the other set is charging.


Maintenance and storage.

Unfortunately you cannot wash the heated gloves. However if they have become dirty you can clean them with a damp cloth. If you have cleaned the gloves and they are wet it is very important that you let them dry naturally. The heated gloves are water proof, even the pocket for the battery is closeable, so it doesn’t matter when it’s raining. However, it is not recommended to let the inside of the heated glove get wet.


Perfect for loads of activities.

We have come to the following conclusion. The heated gloves are great to use for loads of various (outdoor) activities. Even when you’re indoors, at the office for example, if you suffer from cold hands the heated under gloves are perfectly usable. All heated gloves are unisex models, so both men and women can enjoy them.