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Criteo: how much personalized retargeting should there be?

Retargeting is an amazing digital strategy for online advertisers. It increases the chances of conversion by displaying a product to users who have previously searched. For example, if you were looking at a bike helmet, you might see a banner for that specific product later on your favorite website.

Criteo, launched in 2005 in France, is the world leader of dynamic retargeting. Static retargeting was the main solution at that time and consisted of targeting people who had previously visited the same website with the same ad. On the contrary, Criteo has developed capabilities to choose 1) the most interesting customers to target, 2) the best time to do so and 3) generate the most appealing ad.

Criteo ads are transforming the way people shop by using its sophisticated, dynamic retargeting capabilities. Static retargeting used to be the status quo, but Criteo has evolved past that. When people visit a popular site, real-time bidding occurs to decide which advertising company can present an ad. Criteo’s customers are mainly online retailers and brands. Criteo provides them with customized advertising solutions that help make their return on investment thirteen times greater than what they would get without it. This is because Criteo can increase the engagement of users on ads, which increases the likelihood that the customer will buy that product and thus the ROI.

One of the best-known providers of online advertising, Criteo started its business with pay-per-click bidding. Now, it provides much more than just PPC ads. Its customer base has grown to include many companies that need retargeting, contextual marketing, video advertising, and search engine marketing. Two major announcements have caused Criteo’s shares to plummet. Apple and Google have announced they will decrease the use of cookies on their browsers to prevent intrusive advertising, which has become a major source of data for Criteo. To keep afloat, Criteo is developing new strategies that rely less on cookies.

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