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Discover what you can get out of an Odyssey enhanced Google Data Studio dashboard

In the new Google Data Studio environment, marketers need a more robust marketing dashboard. To get it, just add Odyssey’s advanced attribution features to your current Google Data Studio dashboard. It will help you monitor results, track spends, and spot channel calamities. It will also give you insights to make real, rigorous decisions. The best part? It’s easy to do.

Odyssey is the first Google Data Studio attribution solution to drive actionable intelligence for marketers. A new GDS dashboard with Odyssey’s advanced features will give you the knowledge to make fast, careful decisions. Your current GDS dashboard might be used day to day to monitor results, track spends, and spot possible channel calamities. But it doesn’t have the insights you need to make real, rigorous decisions.

The Odyssey Google Data Studio connector allows you to add marketing metrics such as Incrementality to your current reports. This will revolutionize your marketing strategy and allow you to see the effects of all your different marketing activities and not just the one that led to a conversion. 

Affiliate networks, like TradeTracker are often thought of as sources of mistrust in the marketing world, but the TradeTracker network is unique in the fact that they provide a Real Attribution tool, which calculates conversions based on a number of touchpoints. TradeTracker’s Real Attribution is a more reliable form of attribution for marketers to truly understand how their affiliate programs are performing. Many marketers are not sure if their affiliate partner is true to their word. Is the conversion rate as high as the partner claims? TradeTracker believes that consumers want to see the positive side of business. For this reason, TradeTracker takes a real-time approach to math. They understand that conversions come from many touchpoints and not just one click on an affiliate publisher. TradeTracker is a great way for marketers to see what is really going on with their affiliate program.