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Ductless Heat Pumps Basics

Ductless heat pumps can be a wonderful home comfort dream for elderly homeowners who want to avoid central heating. They’re perfect solutions for apartments and businesses that struggle with both cooling and heating in certain areas. Perhaps you simply want to cool only and heating in a basement area like a garage? Whatever the case, there are numerous options available to you in the Toronto area for either residential or commercial use.


Many heat pumps use the principle of combining air conditioning with cooling. The key is in the conditioning compressor, which is what makes the refrigerant gas (gas or liquid) and changes it from a liquid form to a gas form that can then be circulated through ductless cooling systems. Typically, this system would utilize a combination of a gas wall furnace and a gas air handling unit for heating and cooling throughout your entire home. While this solution does work well in some situations, others require certain components to be standalone units to accomplish the job. For example, a conventional furnace simply cannot handle the high demands placed upon it by high powered airflow; hence the requirement for the gas wall furnace element.

When combined with a ductless cooling system, these systems are able to efficiently provide both cooling and heating to an entire building. A ductless heating and cooling system provide the dual benefit of excellent heating and cooling abilities at an extremely low energy cost. They are also generally more energy-efficient than their counterparts since they don’t require ductwork. As an added bonus, ductless heat pumps can often operate silently under ideal operating conditions.

Most people are familiar with the concept of ductless heating and cooling systems, but may not realize that they are capable of providing much more than air conditioning. The fact is that they are capable of supporting very high-velocity heating elements and even high-speed refrigeration elements. In fact, ductless cooling systems can offer higher cooling rates than any other on the market today. One reason these systems are so efficient is that they are so quiet. Unlike some dated options, ductless heating and cooling systems are nearly invisible to the casual observer.

These are especially beneficial in areas where radiant heat is desired, such as inside the house or in a commercial space. However, in order to take advantage of this technology, you will likely have to deploy ductless heat pumps indoors or in areas where outdoor air circulation is not feasible. This is because unlike standard air conditioners, ductless heat pumps are unable to transfer heat via airborne particles.

A good ductless heat pump may be installed as an extension to existing buildings or in an outbuilding. This is because the entire ductless heat pump is located within the building or structure. A ductless heat pump is able to provide air conditioning throughout the year, which means there are fewer occasions where you will have to go air-conditioning during the summer. If you find that you live in an area where outdoor air conditioning is not feasible, ductless heat pumps can also be used as an alternative. However, you need to make sure you install an efficient heat pump so you don’t use energy unnecessarily.

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