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Heated Jacket

The heated jacket has large heating elements inside that provide the ideal warmth. This jacket operates on a power bank. The connection cable is located in the jacket pocket, where you can connect the power bank to start heating the jacket. Inside the jacket, there is a button that allows you to turn the jacket on or off. You can also use this button to control the temperature. The heated jacket can be set to three different heat levels, allowing you to choose the perfect warmth for you. There are two types of jackets: Dual Heating and Single Heating.


If you need a lot of warmth, you can opt for the Dual Heating jacket. It has two large heating surfaces—one on the front and one on the back of the body. This jacket has ten heating areas. The Single Heating jacket has five heating areas distributed on the front and back of the body. The heat is placed in strategic locations to ensure optimal warming. The jacket can heat up to 68 degrees Celsius and the power banks can warm the jacket for three to eight hours. You can wear the jacket all day long. You can also choose to carry an extra power bank. This way, when one power bank runs out, you can connect the other one and never have to be cold, even on long days. This can be useful for winter sports, walking, or cycling, whether as a hobby or for work. The heated jacket is comfortable enough for all activities.


The heated jacket is not only comfortable but also easy to clean. You can easily clean the jacket with a cleaning kit, which includes a cleaning solution and a cloth. This makes it easy to remove dirt. You can find this cleaning kit on the BERTSCHAT® website. They also offer more heated clothing if you tend to get cold easily.


The heated jacket is easy and comfortable for all your activities. With three different heat settings, you can always determine the ideal warmth for you. The three settings are easy to adjust with the push of a button, which also turns the jacket on and off. The power banks are strong, and with the option of extra power banks, you can ensure that you stay warm all day long with this ideal heated jacket.