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How To Clean A Cargo Hold With A Robotic Cargo Hold Cleaning

Cargo hold is where you haul all the goods while being unloaded from a truck or ship. While some countries like to have everyone work together on a project, others prefer to have a single person working on it. 

One individual handles every single task that needs to be done in a cargo hold. This can be due to the small size of most cargo holds, which make them easy for one person to operate. This way, only one person has to keep track of everything, and nothing gets left unturned. 

That being said, no one likes manually cleaning their cargo hold every year. Not many people who work in cargo cleaning do. So what do you do if you’re stuck? You might as well Clean It! 

This article will show you exactly how to do it right with a cargo hold cleaning robot! Let’s get started.

What is a Cargo Hold?

Cargo holds are the space between the truck or ship where the cargo is being delivered and the people who are responsible for it. There are types of cargo holds available in every kind of truck and ship, and depending on where in the world you are, you may need to use a different type of hold. 

The basic idea with a cargo hold is to have one person working on the hold at all times, while the rest of the team cleans the hold at one specific point in time.

How to clean a Cargo Hold with a Clean Robot!

To clean a cargo hold, you’ll need to do three things – clean the bucket, the roll-off, and the conveyor belt.

The bucket should be completely dry before it is filled with the various supplies needed for the job. The roll-off should be in place to move the goods from the bucket to the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is what brings the goods from the bucket to the air-conditioned conveyor that is used to move the goods between the two.

There is a difference between the conveyor belt, the bucket, and the air-conditioned conveyor belt, however, which is why you need to clean those three areas in addition to the bucket, roll-off, and conveyor belt. So, clean the bucket, the roll-off, and the conveyor belt.

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