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Mapping your users’ experience

When you have a business, it makes sense that you sell a product or a service to people. If all goes well, you have thought carefully about this product or service and you have already put it on the market. It’s running now and you’re ready for something new. However, it is not always immediately interesting to do something new. It is also nice to see how you can market your current product or service even better, so that the next people who buy the product or service have an even better experience.

Have you ever thought about this? This is also good for your marketing and your own learning experience. If you want to market your product or service even better, you can do so based on the experience of your current users. Sounds interesting, right?

This blog is going to explain everything about the customer journey and UX research so you can implement it in your own business today!

customer journey

The first method with which you can map the experience of users is the customer journey. Loosely translated, this literally means the customer’s journey in Dutch. How does the customer see your company and your product or service? You can map all of this by means of a customer journey map. This way you can see exactly what your customer experiences when the product or service has been purchased. In this way you will automatically see room for improvement and that is what you want.

UX research

The UX research can also be used. This is more about understanding your users. How do your users interact with your product or service? Here, with UX research, you’re going to find out what works and what doesn’t. The ultimate goal is to solve a problem for someone. So your product or service solves a problem for someone.