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Real-time occupancy management during COVID-19 Crisis

People counting has become a crucial part of operations in physical areas such as retail. Especially now, it is more important than ever to keep customers and staff safe amid COVID-19 Crisis. Accurately counting and monitoring people who come in and go out of your store is of great importance. This information is needed to keep customers and staff safe by enforcing social distancing based on factual, reliable and real-time data.

People counting technology in Retail

Real-time people counting technology has been adopted for health and safety reasons and to encourage social distancing. In order to keep the coronavirus from spreading, retail stores and other commercial and public areas have started to adopt and use people counting technology to control occupancy. Counting people manually is mainly guesswork. That’s why implementing people counting sensors is so much more reliable. In controlling people flow, counting solutions can alert staff when the limit and capacity threshold is close to being breached. Real-time occupancy levels are visible in real-time dashboards. This way, managers in stores can intervene whenever necessary. Optimal crowd management can thus be ensured thanks to the real-time feedback provided by footfall data and advanced data technologies.

The key features of a counting solution provided by PFM Footfall Intelligence

Monitoring occupancy density will not only help you keep a safe visitor limit during the pandemic but will also provide insights to apply after the crisis. The main features of the counting solution provided by PFM Footfall Intelligence are:

  • The location you want to count in can be any. The solution is suitable for many different areas.    
  • Insights are presented in real-time. This means that you can actively oversee the amount of people coming in and going out. If occupancy maximum is reached, you will be alarmed so that you can immediately take action.
  • Data quality is extremely high and reliable.
  • You will have a sharp overview and be able to oversee everything clearly within the reports and dashboards.  
  • Exclude staff from the counting data to ensure solid measurement.

Keeping occupancy levels under control

The order is clear: we must keep occupancy levels under control in retail stores and public places for as long as is necessary in preventing a second wave of COVID-19 transmission. The world is joining forces and people counting techniques are helping and supporting businesses to keep going right now.