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Strict hygiene rules at Studio Yolanda: the best tattoo studio in Dubai

Are you looking for a tattoo studio in Dubai where hygiene is paramount? Then Studio Yolanda is the perfect choice for you. This studio follows very strict hygiene rules to prevent infections and only works with the best brands of ink and needles. At Studio Yolanda, you can get beautiful designs, whether butterflies, hand tattoos or other ideas. The experienced tattoo artists will discuss your wishes during the first session and can help you make the design even more beautiful. Contact Studio Yolanda now for a reliable and high-quality tattoo studio experience in Dubai.

What are Tattoo Shop Dubai’s opening hours?

Tattoo Shop Dubai’s opening hours are as follows: they are open Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm. On Sundays, they are closed. The shop specializes in quality tattoos and works with professional tattoo artists who can create both color and black and white designs. Hygiene is a top priority at Tattoo Shop Dubai, so they work with the best materials and the latest techniques in healing. In addition to tattoos, they also offer permanent makeup. Rates for a tattoo session depend on the duration and can range from AED 2,400 for half a day to AED 4,800 for a full day. To make an appointment, you can contact us via email, Instagram or WhatsApp. At Tattoo Shop Dubai, you can get a tattoo Dubai that meets all your needs and requirements.

What are the hygiene rules at Studio Yolanda in Dubai?

At Studio Yolanda, the best tattoo studio in Dubai, very strict hygiene rules are followed. All tools, chairs and machines are carefully cleaned after each tattoo to prevent infections. They also work with the best brands of ink and needles to ensure quality. During the first session, they discuss exactly what you want and translate your idea into a beautiful design. Studio Yolanda has a lot of experience in tattooing. When making an appointment, you can bring your idea or image and discuss it with the tattoo artist, who can help you make the design even more beautiful. For a reliable and high-quality tattoo studio in Dubai, contact Studio Yolanda.