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The stages you go through waiting for the last game of your bet to finish

This is the day you’ve been waiting for, you’ve placed a crazy bet on five games. Just for fun basically, because honestly, how big is the change you’ve correctly predicted all five games? A win for the bottom team against one of the title contenders, never going to happen… Or is it? This is your day! Somehow they’ve won the game in the last minute after the title contenders picked up a red card. But now there’s that last game, your buffer, an easy bet. It is a game in the French League, which is not being broadcasted in your country. So you have to keep checking the live score, minute after minute, second after second. Let me introduce you to the stages you go through.

Stage 1: Happiness. You’re happy and comfortable that the last game will fall your way. This is definitely going to be a win for the team you have placed your bet on. Feet on the table, lives core on the screen, no stress for you. 

Stage 2: Impatience. It’s still 0-0 at half time, you’re getting a bit restless and impatient. When are they going to score. They should have been 3-0 up by now, right?

Stage 3: Despair. An hour has past and suddenly the live score on your screen changes, 0-1 for the ‘bad guys’. No this isn’t going to mess up your bet, it can’t be. You were already celebrating and could picture yourself on the plane to the sunny beaches. 

Stage 4: Hope. Okay, it seems your team is pushing forward to flip the game around, the statistics show that they have five shots on goal in the last three minutes. They can do this! And yes, there it is, the equaliser. One goal down, one to go. 

Stage 5: Extasy. They’ve gone and done it! A last minute winner, in the dying seconds of the game. Did it really happen? Refresh the page over and over again. Has the referee blown his final whistle? 

Sweaty and exhausted as if you’ve played the game yourself you can finally sit back and relax. Have you already decided where you’re going to spend your hard earned money on?

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