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Types of concrete blocks

Concrete blocks come in all shapes and sizes and come in handy in many different situations. Concrete blocks are often used as roadblocks, but are also used to increase safety. With concrete blocks you can easily indicate where someone may or may not come. You can also use concrete blocks in construction. Concrete blocks themselves can be the foundation for walls, especially if you have the Lego-like concrete blocks that fit together perfectly. You can actually make concrete blocks the way you want them with molds for concrete block forms. You can buy molds for concrete block forms. Don’t want Lego-like concrete blocks, but do you want to click them together? Then go for an interlocking block. An interlocking block works on the same principle, but slightly different.

Lego-like concrete blocks

The Lego-like concrete blocks can be easily stacked and put together, because they literally look like life-sized Lego blocks. Because they are made in a mold, all blocks are exactly the same size, so you have no problems with stacking. These blocks can be used for building walls.

interlocking block

The interlocking block is made with a mold that creates interlocking blocks with notches and studs that fit together. You can click them together. These blocks offer the same strength as the brick, but without actually using the brick. You can easily rearrange these so you can use them again. Disconnect the blocks and start over to create your wall.

Jumbo blocks

You also have the jumbo blocks. These are also known as pork backs. These are mainly used in roadblocks. You also often see them around new neighborhoods to prevent traffic from passing through while the neighborhood is still being built. Jumbo blocks can also be used as burglary prevention for shops by placing them in front of glass shop windows.